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What is Transdermal Absorption?

31 May 2022 Blog - What is Transdermal Absorptio.

Transdermal absorption may sound confusing, but simply put, it’s just the absorption of compounds through the skin. Think of it like this:


Trans (across/through) – dermal (skin) 


In this article, we’re going to cover why transdermal absorption is so exciting to people who are looking to enhance their health, and how you can benefit from it!




It's no secret that our diets today are not as healthy as they should be.  Even if we try to eat well, it's hard to get all the nutrients our bodies need.  There’s an abundance of powerful, natural compounds available to supplement our diets with – helping with an array of issues, from insomnia and memory to joint pain.  The question is, how can you optimise your health and diet with confidence?


Not only can it be hard to follow a balanced diet, let alone specialist diets for certain conditions, but many of the nutrients we need are difficult for our bodies to absorb. This is because they get broken down in the gut environment and lose their potency.  As we age, certain factors can also hinder how well you can absorb vital nutrients – potentially leaving you with vitamin and mineral deficiencies which you’re unaware of.


Health Patches employ an innovative, new way to benefit from the power of natural compounds. Our transdermal patches avoid the digestive tract, reducing the loss of nutrients to the gut environment and dramatically increasing bioavailability.  


You get more out of each patch, as our thermochromic release technology provides continuous, sustained support.  This means you avoid a sudden peak in absorption levels and can benefit from our specialised blends for up to 24 hours (per patch!).




Traditional methods of taking supplements can be ineffective and inconvenient.  Taking a handful of pills every day (multiple times a day…) is exhausting and irritating.   Thankfully, Health Patches transdermal technology makes this totally unnecessary!


Most people don't take their supplements as often as they should because it's hard to remember to take them every day, and it's even harder to make sure you're getting the right dose.  Plus, if you're taking them as a pill or capsule, you will be losing a lot of the nutrients through your gut.


Health Patches transdermal delivery system provides a continuous release of essential nutrients throughout the day and night, so you're always getting the support your body needs.  Plus, our patches are non-invasive and simple to use – so putting your health first has never been easier.


So why wait to feel the benefit?  Try Health Patches today and see the difference they can make to your life…